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About Us

Our team consists of members with on-site experience in the rental housing industry. Our goal is to assist employees at the site-level by giving them the tools they need to make well-informed decisions when operating in their competitive portfolio. We can do this by consolidating current business practices to save employees time and effort, which translates into cost savings and increased job satisfaction.

Our Values

Focus on Site-Level Employees

We value rental housing employees who work at the site-level because that’s where we came from. Survei was born out of the need to eliminate cumbersome business practices in the rental housing industry. We can empathize with you, because we’ve been there, let us help you make your workday a little more enjoyable.

Compete with Integrity

Our team values honest and friendly competition. Survei introduces a system of checks and balances into the rental housing industry. Property information is fact-checked before it is dispersed, eliminating distrust amongst competitors, allowing for a friendlier market. We are a neutral platform designed to help competitors effectively communicate.

“I have been waiting for something like this for years, this will save
much needed time and prevent the frustration of having to call comps

Danielle Ray
Property Manager

Durham, NC

Saving You Time

Survei eliminates you from having to pick up the phone to make weekly calls to competitors, which also means they will no longer need to call you! Pricing is gathered and dispersed for you, saving you hours each week.

No More Guess Work

Take the guesswork out of pricing your floorplans. Survei delivers a customized competitive portfolio report, tailored to your properties needs, giving your team the data it needs to make educated accurate pricing decisions.

Portfolio Management

No longer will upper management have to view individual reports per property. Survei gives owners and management companies the ability to seamlessly view and manage their portfolios performance. 

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